General Terms & Conditions

I hereby enroll my child as a summer student only at Oakwood School for its ACE Program this summer.

This Enrollment Agreement is made upon and is subject to the following terms and conditions, to each of which I hereby agree:

1.  Tuition

I understand that I must pay the tuition for this experience in the Academy of Creative Education.  I understand that I can find specific tuition information on the FAQ page for the school to which I am applying.  I agree to make the required deposit and payment of tuition and fees as specified on the website. I further agree that should any of such payments not be made as specified my child’s enrollment in this summer session may, at the school’s option, be canceled.

2.  Reservation and Processing Deposit

I understand that the deposit is fully refundable should Oakwood School receive written notification from me prior to May 31 that I wish to withdraw my child. I acknowledge that withdrawing my child subsequent to that date, however, means that prospective students for whom space was not available may have made other arrangements and may not be available to take my child’s place. I agree that this deposit shall be deemed earned upon payment and is non-refundable after May 31.

3.  Payment Obligation

I understand and acknowledge that the summer session at Oakwood School is one of very limited enrollment. I therefore agree that, if Oakwood School offers admission to my child and reserves a position for my child for the summer session as provided above, I am legally obligated to pay Oakwood School prior to my child’s first day of this summer’s ACE program, the full amount of the tuition and fees for the session, regardless of whether my child completes the program or is withdrawn, absent, or dismissed for cause for all or any portion of the program. Should legal proceedings be instituted to collect any unpaid balance of tuition and fees or other costs that I may owe to Oakwood School, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees, costs and the expenses of collection.

I also understand and acknowledge that in addition to the tuition, there may be other incidental costs, which my child will incur and for which I am responsible. THE SCHOOL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISMISS AND/OR BAR ANY STUDENT FROM CLASSES OR PERFORMANCES FOR NON-PAYMENT OF TUITION AND FEES.

4.  Consent

A. I acknowledge that in executing this Enrollment Agreement, I am accepting the rules and regulations of Oakwood School as the same may now exist or may from time to time be altered or amended.

B. My Child is hereby given my full consent and permission to participate in all recreational, athletic and extracurricular activities offered by Oakwood School to its students during the summer session. I consent to the school’s use, without compensation, of any image, recording, video or likeness of my child, in whole or in part, for educational purposes, or for the purpose of school advancement in any publications, or electronic media.

C. I agree that the school is not liable for theft or damage to any personal property, or to vehicles and their contents parked on its premises.


The application, enrollment, and attendance, by a student for any summer session or special program at Oakwood School is not to be construed as any indication of the student’s admission or consideration for admission for any regular school year.  The process for admission to Oakwood School as a regular student is not in any manner related to the summer session admission process.

6.  Total Agreement of the Parties and Choice of Law Provision

This Agreement constitutes the full and complete agreement between the parties. No other verbal or written agreement shall alter any provision of this Agreement unless both parties consent in writing. This Agreement is an integrated writing and any prior oral or written agreements between the parties are merged into this Agreement and extinguished. The parties to this Agreement agree that it is to be interpreted and governed by the laws of the State of California, and that Los Angeles County is the venue for resolution of all disputes.