ACE Theatre

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Theatre Intensive
A program designed to introduce students to performance technique and collaborative theatre-making. Students will study voice, movement, improvisation and scene study in order to hone his/her collaborative theatre performance skills. Each day students will work with professional theatre artists from Los Angeles, creating an experience in which students are inspired to work at the highest level. This class will culminate in a showcase for friends and family on the final day.

Advanced Theatre Production
A collaborative theatre program producing original, student-created theatre works driven by a guiding theme. (Past themes include fairy tales, science fiction, comic books, mystery and greek mythology.) Areas of focus include: movement, voice, improvisation, writing and acting. The specific nature of the final performance is exciting and impossible to predict!

Course Descriptions:

Source material and theatrical background associated with the summer’s theme are explored through a series of interactive lectures and discussions.

Through games and other exercises, students will learn the skills to improvise in a group performance style.

Explore the importance and full potential of the actors movement in the space of the theatre.

Students will learn the technical skills to harness and manipulate the power of their voice.

Writer’s Workshop
Writing original scenes individually and in groups. while helping one another edit new material, brainstorm and share ideas.

Scene Lab
Off the page and on our feet! Students collaboratively workshop scene ideas and share them with the group for feedback.

Master Class
A seminar led by a special guest on a particular theatrical skill or style.