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The Visual Arts Program

Through interdisciplinary and hands-on investigations of traditional and non-traditional materials and methods, the Visual Arts program offers an opportunity for students and teaching artists to create a unique learning experience. Through a series of specially designed learning forums, small groups of students will explore traditional visual mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media, photo and video. Within these forums, students will also be encouraged to explore the creative potential of non-traditional mediums as well. These interests may be as diverse as food, music, online gaming, popular culture, and more.

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Skill Forums

Students will choose from a variety of topics offered by expert teaching artists based on students’ needs and interests. Each student will get a chance to explore 4 different mediums. These hands-on forums will emphasize the importance of fundamental skills and principles to make artwork and effectively communicate ideas in 2-D, 3-D and 4-D. Skill Forums may include:

·       Film/Video: Make a short film

·       Painting: Explore paintings and drawings and other 2/D art

·       Photography: Darkroom

·       Sculpture: Large and Small Scale sculptures made of wood, metal, paper and more

·       Animation: turn your drawings into actions

·       Ceramics: Hand building

·       Music Video/Experimental video

·       Digital Photo

·       Design using Illustrator Photoshop

·       Maker Design: Sculpture and design that used engineering technology and science to make art, rooted in maker culture.

Collaborative Forums

These group classes happen at the end of the day on Tuesday and Thursday. They are designed to bring together students working with similar ideas and questions. Students will work with teaching artists on techniques, problem solving, idea building, and other topics specific to student interests. This also includes several tours around Los Angeles.

Artist Studio Visits and Visiting Artists

The ACE Visual Arts students will visit the studios of Los Angeles artists who work with a variety of mediums and ideas. Based on the expressed interests of students, several visiting artists will also be invited to campus to talk about their work and to assist students in the understanding of a particular art medium or practice.


On Mondays and Wednesdays, Academy students meet for an hour in elective classes.  This schedule allows for students from each of the different Academy schools to come together and explore other arts!

Visual Arts Chair: Chloe Palmer and Molly Kahr

Final Exhibition:

The ACE Visual Arts Exhibition is a culminating presentation of student work and student curatorial vision. The exhibition will present a unique visual experience that will reflect the individual and collaborative processes employed throughout the program’s duration.

Sample Visual Arts Schedule:

Students will choose up to 4 areas of focus and alternate between those two classes one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

During the first week and the third week students will take tours around LA on Tuesday and Thursdays

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